Google AdWords

AdWords Pay-per-click (PPC) Setup & Management

People need your business. People want your business. But sometimes you don’t show up when searched for in Google. With our certified AdWords team, we’re sure to change that. We have a staff of Google AdWords certified employees that know how to craft your online ads. Potential customers will see click the ad taking them through to your website.

Adwords Strategy

Many businesses think that they can’t compete with larger companies using Google Adwords. Because small businesses are more focused locally, they know what their local customers want. Large companies cannot spend time customizing everything for specific customers in different locations. A large company might focus on creating an advertisement that broadly appeals to all people in Idaho. But, we can focus on ads that specifically appeal to mothers in Rexburg or seniors in Idaho Falls. We focus on creating ads that are of the highest quality. How do we know that the ads we make are good? We prove our effectiveness in two ways: A/B testing and Customer tracking.

A/B Testing

When we first set up your AdWords campaigns, we are just getting started. We work together with you to create the best ad we can, once everyone approves the ad, then we work to beat it. We are constantly coming up with new ads and landing pages to see how customers react. How do we know whether one ad is better than another, we track what customers do. If more people click on the “B” ad and become a customer then we know it’s better. We continue to work on this indefinitely because we want to make sure that we are getting the most from our clients’ budgets.

Customer Tracking

By default, AdWords will track the number of people that see your ad (impressions) and the number of people that actually click on the ad. But, this is as far as the default tracking goes. A business that gets a hundred ad clicks, but no new customers, is not going to be around for long. We focus on tracking what people do after they click on an ad. We can see how many and which pages they look at on the site. We can also see if they take any steps to becoming a customer (buy a product, call your business, or submit a contact form). We know that we provide value for our clients, but we would rather prove it. Using data, we can show that three of the customers they got last week were from AdWords.

AdWords is a good option for many businesses trying to advertise online, but we don’t want to sell you on it unless we think it will work for you. We gain nothing from recommending servicing to you that fail. We want to learn more about your business goals and needs, so we can create the perfect marketing mix to make your business soar.

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