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Blister’s BBQ – Branding, Website Design, Social Media, & Graphic Design

Blister’s BBQ has been serving some of the best barbecue in southeast Idaho for more than five years. They offer a succulent blend of southern style and smokey flavor. Running a restaurant can be tough to do, and what makes even more difficult is the ever-changing world of marketing. Blister’s BBQ is located inside a gas station, making the challenge of getting people to recognize who they are and how good their food is even harder.

A key component of success is turning your weaknesses into strengths. And that’s exactly what we helped Blister’s BBQ do. We turned their gas station location into a factor that makes them more “authentic” and “unique.” We redesigned their old, outdated look with a brand new logo, color scheme, and marketing collateral. We constructed an entirely new website capable of booking catering jobs and able to drive more online traffic toward their business. Helping them run more daily deals showed a huge spike in lunchtime customers. Some days even saw a 300% increase in afternoon sales compared to the time before they started investing in their marketing. With a fresh look, brand new menu, and weaknesses now turned into strengths, Blister’s BBQ has been enjoying the recent success of being the only “authentic” barbecue joint in town.