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What is good web design?

It’s rare that you come across someone who doesn’t have a website in one capacity or another. Whether you work from home or own a large corporation, you’re going to need a website for that. In that same vein, if everyone has a website, how are you going to make yours stand out amidst the competition? Good web design.

Make an Impression

You wouldn’t walk into a client’s office in your pajamas, so why present them with an outdated looking website? You only have seconds to capture the viewer’s attention, so impress your potential clients right off the bat with a website that is sharp and modern. Once you get users to your site, half the battle is getting them to stick around and look at other pages. We can win that battle by updating your website with an engaging and impressive web design, getting you more clicks and more customers. We have designers who go nutty over beautiful fonts, color combinations, and styling, so let us do the creative work to help convey your message online.

Build Your Brand

Think of your website like a business card. Your website is the one place online anyone can go to learn about your company, so make sure you’re prepared for those visitors! Update your logo and add colors and other visual elements that are beautiful and speak directly to your customers. Are you a small, local company? Do you run a serious and large corporate company? Make a few stylistic decisions on your website, and we’ll answer those questions that your customers may be wondering.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

More than 50% of your customers are viewing your website on a mobile device. That means if your site isn’t mobile friendly, they probably aren’t even seeing it! Let our designers build a site that will work on every platform. From a cell phone to a tablet, we want your customers to see the brand and company you’ve worked to build. By using a platform like WordPress, we are able to quickly build a beautiful and responsive website.

Trusted Ecommerce

You should especially consider the importance of good web design if you’re selling something online. Think about it: you’re asking people to enter their personal information into your database. If your website looks outdated or homemade, that may be a cause for concern when it comes to your customers. People are often hesitant to enter their credit card information if a website doesn’t look legitimate or trustworthy. This problem is easily solved by building or simply redesigning a website to make it look an official and established company.

Why you Need Good Web Design

Your customers will judge your company largely based on what they see online. After a user has viewed your site, we don’t want them to even look at a competitor’s site. We want them to fall in love with your company and your mission, and to contact you. The only way to ensure that is to build a website that functions properly and looks good. Those two work hand in hand to create a good website.

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